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Theatre With Youth (And Animals!)

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alice and the rabbit
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the scottsboro boys 3 _sdc observer_kimberly_faith_hickman
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HONK directed and choreographed by Kimberly Faith Hickman
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high school musical director choreographer kimberly faith hickman
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A Christmas Carol Omaha Playhouse Kimberly Faith Hickman Nebraska Theatre Caravan
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Peter Pan 2_choreographer_Kimberly Faith Hickman
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“Life Skills Through Stage Skills”

Confidence, communication skills, focus, discipline, integrity, cooperation, coordination, creativity, etc. are all elements that can be developed when a child or adult explores the art of theatre.  By participating in theatre classes and productions, people of all ages learn the importance of being a capable and confident individual, and also the importance of being part of a team.

Directing and Choreography resume includes work with children on various productions. Experience also includes working with students who have been diagnosed with autism, down syndrome, ADD, ADHD, tourettes, depression, anxiety, stuttering, etc.

Quotes From Anonymous Student Evaluations

“I like having to use teamwork in the activities.” - 4th grader

“Kimberly was a BIG help.  Like really BIG!” - 5th grader

“Fun and challenging and good teacher!” - 8th grader

“I feel like our group actually got a lot of good work done in this class. Kimberly really put a lot of effort into helping our class.” - 10th grader

"She is sooooooo niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice." - 3rd grader

“Helped me realize how important the details are for characters and scenes.” - 12th grader

Classes & Age Groups

McGuigan Arts Academy - Omaha, NE

   Happy Feet (ages 5-7)

   Scene Study (ages 8+)

   Improvisation (ages 10+)

   Puppet Making (ages 8+)

   ARTapalooza (ages 5+)

   Spring Break Camp (ages 7+)

   Audition Prep (ages 16+)

   Private Acting (ages 5-18)

   Musical Theatre (ages 8+)

   Tik Tok Dance (ages 8+)

   Battle of the Boy Bands vs. Girl Groups (ages 8+)

   Tie Dye Extravanza (ages 8+)

   10 Minute Play Festival (ages 8+)

   Hair Bands & Power Ballads (ages 8+)

   Art Bomb (art installations - ages 5+)

   Creative & Playwriting (ages 5+)

MAA Bellevue Public Schools residency (NE)

MAA Cam-Plex Summer Residency (WY)

Henry Fonda Theatre Academy - Omaha, NE

    Bootcamp (adults)

    Acting 2    (adults)

    Audition workshops (grades K-12th)

    Junior Players (ages 7-10) 

    Youth Players (ages 11-13)

Springer Theatre Academy - Columbus, GA

    Company Acting Class (12th grade)

    Scene Study (5th - 12th grades)

    Site Specific / Immersive Theatre (5th - 12th grades)

    Musical Theatre (5th - 12th grades)

    Hip Hop Theatre (3rd - 12th grades)

    Basic tap (7th - 12th grades)

    Beginner tap (7th - 12th grades)

    Musical theatre dance (3rd - 7th grades)

Gymboree Play & Music - Atlanta, GA

    Music (infant - 1st grade)

    Music & Movement (Pre-K - 1st grade)

Off Square Theatre Camp - Jackson Hole, WY

    Art & Theatre (Kindergarten - 5th grade)

    Acting (Kindergarten - 2nd grade)

Randolph College Theatre Conservatory - Lynchburg, VA

     Words With Friends - Playwriting (3rd - 12th   grades)

Beveridge Magnet School - Omaha, NE

     Directing Workshop - (7th - 8th grades)

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