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Humble Review - ‘High School Musical’ at the Springer Opera House

My my my, was this a surprise or what? I never thought I’d see the day that I’d enjoy ‘High School Musical’ in some form. Well, ladies and gents, that day has finally come. Quick, do you hear oinking in the sky?

When I first stepped into the Springer, I saw the set, complete with the giant ‘High School Musical’ marquee hanging in front of the set. I was amazed, impressed, and awestruck by how versatile the set was. It turned from a gym to a locker room to a stage in a matter of seconds. Props to Rich Dunham, who designed the set and the rigging, putting all of the State Theater of Georgia’s cylinders into action.

The set design isn’t the only thing that was inspiring. The actors and actresses were the lifeblood of the show. Their acting, singing, and dancing was, I hate to repeat myself, amazing. Dare I say it, Alvaro Francisco, who played Troy, was better looking and a better singer than Zac Efron. The ensemble cast wasn’t a slouch either, as I could tell the passion was there, something the Disney version clearly lacked. The songs were upbeat and danceable, the dance numbers were bouncy and full of life, and pretty much everything was flawless.

This was a seamless performance, and I highly recommend anyone who has a thing for musicals to come see it for the rest of the time it’s at the Springer. I’ll end by saying this; I cannot say enough good things about this show. It trumps the Disney version in every way imaginable, from casting to set design.

Overall: 5 thumbs up, 10 toes, three tongues, two turtle doves, and a partridge in a pear tree.

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