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‘Trapped In A Box’ wins League of Cincinnati Theatre Award for Outstanding Solo Performance

The 2012 Cincinnati Fringe is one for the record books. Attendance was up almost 7% with total attendance of nearly 7,700. As reported early, Saturday, June 2nd had the highest single day attendance in nine years of 1,100.

From my experience, this year’s festival was also the best to date. Well-organized and well-run, this year’s festival chugged along like a well-oiled machine. Congratulations to everyone involved for a great job.

Here is the list of LCT Awards announced last night.

  • Outstanding Production: GRIM AND FISCHER

  • Special Contribution (Technical): NOTHING

  • Outstanding Solo Performance: METHTACULAR!, Steven Strafford

  • Outstanding Solo Performance: STRANGE DREAMZ, Kevin J. Thornton

  • Outstanding Solo Performance: BREAKING RANK!, Howard Petrick

  • Outstanding Ensemble: DON’T CROSS THE STREAMS

  • Outstanding Solo Performance: TRAPPED IN A BOX, Casey Pilkenton

  • Outstanding Improv: CECILY AND GWENDOLYN

  • Outstanding Production: BOMBUS AND BERRYLINNE

Pick of the Fringe Awards

  • FringeNext: BLOWN UP


  • Audience Pick: ON HER PILLOW

  • All Access Pick: GRIM & FISCHER

  • Artists’ Pick: METHTACULAR

  • Producers’ Pick: THE SCREW YOU REVUE

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