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The Working Director / Choreographer: Kimberly Faith Hickman

What is your current or latest project?

Recent: directing a workshop of a new play, The Seer & The Witch by Jennifer Lane; as well as being the Assistant Director for Tony Award winner Clybourne Park on Broadway.

Current: directing a new musical by Bobby Cronin and Allen Mogol, Til Death Do Us Part, inspired by the true story of Mary and Matthew Winkler. This musical is the recipient of the Alec Baldwin Fellowship at Singers Forum, now in its’ inaugural year.

Upcoming: directing a regional production of Steel Magnolias.

What is your favorite memory from DLW?

Many, many conversations with my fellow Labbies and seeing The Rude Mechanicals production of The Method Gun at the Kirk Douglas Theatre. That show was hilarious!

What’s the biggest challenge as a working director/choreographer?

I am a freelance director and choreographer, which in itself is the biggest challenge. As a freelancer, you have to keep the ball rolling. There is no time for taking a break.

Did DLW & SDC help overcome these challenges? Who or what other orgs have helped you in your journey?

DLW introduced me to great west coast theatre companies that I otherwise may not have been exposed to so quickly. It also gave me the opportunity to speak with and ask questions to directors that have transitioned from theatre to film and television. SDC is a life saver. I joined the union in 2009. They are very invested in their union members, and are our saving grace whenever we need their assistance. Every professional director and choreographer should join.

What’s your dream project?

I want to direct Angels in America. That play is the reason why I believe in the power of theatre.

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