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‘Steel Magnolias’ Theatre Review

I went to the Springer last night unaccompanied by my usual enthusiasm and expectancy. After all, I had seen “Steel Magnolias” once at the Springer, had survived the movie and viewed the television production. Therefore, this was more of a “wife-pleasing” exercise than eager anticipation of the play.

Well, I must have slept through my previous experiences because I was unprepared for the utter delight I found in this production. It is colorful in any aspect of the imagination – sets, costumes, language, music, and very funny. The characters could not have been better cast! We all have at least one of them in our families and can totally identify with them. The action was fast and hilarious and I could not keep up in counting the outrageously funny lines – some real zingers. Also, it was a real treat to hear authentic Southern accents.

I was not prepared for the somber turn in the final scene as I guess I had forgotten how it pans out. Tamara Johnson’s portrayal of M’Lynn’s grief was intense, gripping and very powerful!

Having read director Kimberly Faith Hickman’s notes on this true storyline made me susceptible to some serious lip-quivering at the end. Well done ladies! You were magnificent!!

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